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Pakistan Civil Law

We provides Civil Law Services in all type of civil matters, which includes Muslim Marriage Law, Divorce Law, Child Custody, Rent Law, Property Law etc. to our clients with both advice and comprehensive solutions, and drafts legal documents, contracts dealing with legal relations between clients and agreements settling disputed issues, which always attempting to find the best solution for the client to give them the greatest legal certainty. We also represents estate agents, whom it provides with legal services during conveyancing and agreements resolving relations between property owners. As such relations are very wide-ranging, our skills in such area are constantly being perfected.

We also litigate housing discrimination, public accommodation discrimination, and various other civil rights cases. Our civil rights lawyers have handled campaign finance litigation and injunctions and litigation on behalf of our respected clinics. As a progressive law firm, we are interested in challenging injustice to obtain justice in the proactive practice of law.

We are one of the permanent litigation firms in Pakistan, and general civil litigation is the firm's mainstay. The firm has handled virtually every kind of litigation imaginable - for individuals and for institutions. It has been involved with the most complex cases facing businesses across the industry spectrum, with a particular emphasis on two things: first, rapid response when clients must obtain or resist emergency relief, and second, preparing cases for actual trial in the courtroom.

Our best lawyers have appeared in Supreme and High Courts. They have provided national direction and co-ordination in class actions and other complex cases in which clients are forced to appear in numerous jurisdictions simultaneously. In these cases, the firm has experience in developing a comprehensive strategy, avoiding wasteful duplication of discovery efforts, making sure that consistent factual and legal positions are taken by local counsel, working closely with them to implement the national strategy, and co-ordinating with other counsel in joint defense arrangements. Through these efforts, the firm works to achieve the best possible litigation results with cost efficiency, including saving the valuable time of corporate executives and employees.

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If you have a civil matter and are not sure what to do about it we would be happy to get a meeting with Clients to discuss the situation. We will not charge you for this initial consultation if you do not retain us. Our aim is to help you obtain the best results at the lowest cost.
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