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Frequently Ask Questions

How can I contact to Zahid Law Associates ?

Please fill up the required fields at the left side menu to Email Us and just leave a message or view the manu at the top of page for required Information.

How can I get Legal Draft Service ?

Please register a free account at the left side menu, if you already registerd please Login first and drage the Legal Drafts at the page top menu and click your required link. If you do not found the required draft link, please feel free to Email Us at the left side menu, for required draft or its template.

Can I myself draft any Legal Document ?

Yes! you can draft any legal document as per your own terms and requirements, please Login first at the left side menu and click Legal Drafts. If you facing any problem to login or your account has been blocked, please email us at the left side menu to submit request for such service.

How can I get Online Legal Opinion ?

Please login at the left side menu and if you are seeking our legal advice / opinion for any legal issue, please login first at the left side manue and click the link for Legal Opinion

What is the procedure to get Online Nikah / Marriage ?

Please Login and click Online Marriage to submit Marriage Form.

Is the Online / Phone Nikah Valid, Legal and need to be Registerred ?

Online / Phone Nikah is just like Court / Ordinary Marriage. It is valid in all respects if registered with Nikah Registrar, Union Council, Office of the Foreign Affaires and NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) according to the Muslim Personal Family Laws. For detail visit Online Marriage.

How to pay your Fee ?

You can pay our Fee through Xpress Money Transfer, Western Union or deposit amount in our accounts associated with Standard Chartered, for detail please click Payments at the to menu.

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