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Online Legal Advice

Our Law Firm providing online legal opinion for our valued Clients especially for Pakistani community living abroad. It is aimed to fulfill the need of legal help for our Clients according to Pakistani approperiates laws and regulations. Pakistanis living abroad are sometimes faces the problems towards legal issues relating with their Family, Civil and Property matters in Pakistan and due to lack of knowledge of approperiates law and some times they fond themselves in serious problems. Our Associates being practicing lawyers have real time experience of legal matters in the Law Courts of Pakistan, and provides online LEGAL ADVICE and LEGAL OPINION for all deserving issues and answer the questions put to them in the light of Law promulgated in Pakistan, such as Family Laws, Divorce Law, Child Custody, Rent laws, Succession / Inheritance Law, Transfer of Property etc.

Our Clients who are seeking the online Legal Opinion and Legal Advice on any legal issue can request for such services please submit ONLINE FORM The questions to be answered by our legal experts always placed in legal section for the help of those community members who may have problem of same nature. It is to be noted that answers of the questions will be according to Pakistani laws and solely depend upon the information provided to our legal experts.

If you are seeking our Online Services for any Legal issue to get an opinion or research for a legal query you can send us the detail of such issue vis ONLINE FORM for our Online Legal Advice. The Legal opinion shall prepared within 2/3 working days. Please note that free legal consultation will not create any client and counsel relationship, however if you engage us furnishing online form for legal opinion than we'll conduct and give you our best efforts for legal research for your legal issues and shall charge our nominal professional fee accordingly.

Divorce Law
Child Custody
Rent Law
Property Law

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