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Online Muslim Marriage / Phone Nikah

Online Marriage with Nikah Registration & Marriage Certificate provides to our Clients especially for Overseas Pakistanis who wants to get register their Marriage Online even they (bride/groom) resides in different Countries around the World.

Online Nikah is the best way for a valid and lawful online Muslim marriage just like Court / Ordinary Marriage provides under the Family Law Ordinance 1961. It is valid and legal in all respects based on required procedure & legal documentation which includes valid Nikahnama registration from the Office of Union Council / Arbitration Council supported with NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) Marriage Certificate which may also attested from the Office of Foreign Affairs as well as Embassy if requested by our Clients

Procedure for Online Nikah:

Our clients just have to provide us their particulars by Online Form, on received our fee and completion of marriage documents based on provided particulars, we’ll inform our clients to settle a date with their consent when the Bride and Groom may appear through online conference call to perform their Nikah in presence of Nikah Registrar, Nikah Khawan, and witnesses. After Nikah all documents including Nikahnama (marriage deed) shall proceed for its registration with the concerned authorities accordingly.

Essentials of a Muslim Marriage under the Islamic Law:

To meet with the Essentials of a Valid Nikah under Shariat. The following conditions must be performed and absolutely essential for a Muslim Marriage:

  1. 1. The man woman should be adult and non-mehram.
  2. 2. The man and woman should agree to the marriage.
  3. 3. Two witnesses for Nikah.
  4. 4. Haq-e-Mehr (Dower Amount) should be agreed upon.

Mutual Consent (Ejab-O-Qubul):

In the clear terms of Nikah cited above, there is no need for Bride or Groom to join their Nikah ceremony personally if they authorized us to bring someone to be their Vakeels to put consent / acceptance for Nikah on their behalf, it shall be legal and Sharia in all respects if it is done fulfilling all four Conditions aforesaid.

For further assistance, please contact to our direct Number: 0092-300-2329223 or submit Marriage Form

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